Why Do We Do What We Do?

Good Question!

Giving of your time, money and energy to be there for others does not only make the world better; it also makes you better. Studies have shown the act of giving back to others boost your happiness, health, and sense of well-being. that is "why we do what we do." It is our goal to prepare you to be the best Doulas you can be. Give you the training and the support you need to serve others. Get to know your instructors here!

Visionary Doula

Sees Life in Being an End-of-Life-Doula

Sonja S Koenig

Certified End-of-Life Specialist & Instructor

Sonja has over 25+ years' experience serving as Senior care Companion Doula and End-of-Life Doula Specialist, over 20 year's experience as a paralegal with Estate Planning experience, holds a Master's Degree in Healthcare Management, has been a Certified End-of-Life-Doula, Senior Care Companion Doula and Doula Care Consultant since 2016 and a successful business owner since 2003. She has a big heart for helping others. She believes no matter where you are in life, you can reach your purpose. With God's help and guidance, she is living her purpose and making herself available to help others reach their purpose in life. Her heart is big for Seniors and individuals that are nearing the journey to end-of-life. She has much compassion and love for others.

Education Director

A Student and Teachers Friend

Emma Jane Frazier

Education Director & Instructor

Mrs. Frazier has been married for 57 years and the mother of eight (8) adult children. She is a retired Licensed Professional Counselor and co-pastor at Whole Life Christian Church West, San Antonio, TX. Ordained as an Elder in 1996 under the covering of Whole Life Christian Church International. She has over 30+ years as an experienced facilitator, teacher and trainer in teaching others to facilitate and/or train others. Developer and facilitator for various religious events. She held the position as a Mental Therapist for Methodist Specialty Treatment Hospital where she facilitated outpatient mental health, chemical dependency and PTSD groups; serves as a Pastoral Counselor for St. Mark’s Methodist church, and a Counselor and Director for A One Flesh Ministry, where she specialized in relationship issues and family, grief and anxiety counseling, and other mental health issues. She is an experienced End-of-Life-Doula Specialist; and a business owner for over 35+ years.